We are a full-service digital design agency that specializes in using web and video to empower brands, share stories, and make things look beautiful

We are an award-winning, Brooklyn-based digital agency that focuses on creating multi-dimensional experiences that span mediums. At our core, we make things – digital and physical. We move beyond ideation and consulting, focusing on execution and production. Service is the cornerstone of our success, building lasting partnerships with our clients, resulting in wildly creative, forward-thinking, whimsical, and beautiful work.

Our skill set is vast. We dream up big ideas and bring them to life with an in-house team of designers, developers, video producers, and strategists. Having experts in their field allows us to produce projects ranging from complex web platforms to documentary films. This allows us not to be limited by our capabilities and instead focus on the best method for telling our partner’s stories. The goal is to design the most authentic experience that connects with an audience while maintaining transparency around how we do it.


We make things easy.
We know you’re busy and need a partner who can take a brief and hit the ground running. Our codified process and extensive capabilities allow you to focus on your business while we get the job done. Our ability to work both quickly and cleverly keeps us on time and on budget.

We make things well.
Would you believe us if we told you that the ‘K’ in CMYK stands for quality? We take pride in everything that we make, which is why we will never sacrifice beautiful design and flawless execution. Our work is a reflection of ourselves and we want to be proud of what we put out into the world.

We make things fun.
You’re going to like working with us. The people at CMYK come from a diverse background of disciplines and experiences, which have molded each of us into interesting, unique, and quite personable folks. We become an extension of your team, anticipating your needs and guiding you through our process. We find ways to take the mundane and tedious and turn it into something you will look forward to.


Your wins are our wins.
We view our relationship as a collaboration and partnership—much more symbiotic than a typical “client – vendor” relationship.
Service has always been the cornerstone of our success—building lasting partnerships that result in wildly creative, forward-thinking, whimsical, and beautiful work.
Never limited by our capabilities, we focus on the best strategy for telling our partner’s stories and designing the most authentic brand experience while maintaining transparency around how we do it.


The Team