Who said it can't be cute and functional?

Project Intro

CMYK paired up with our friends at Shiraz Creative to help bring the 2022 Snoo Summit to life, through the design and development of an event-specific website that could serve as an information and action hub for all attendees.


Prior to the start of the event, the site served as a key resource for attendees to learn important information about the Summit, RSVP, book flights and accommodations, and submit pertinent details about themselves needed to make the gathering a success.

As the event drew closer to kick-off, the website also dynamically updated to allow employees to review daily event itineraries and transportation schedules, key location maps, and even order company swag, with all of these actions safely tucked away behind a double-authentication login system to ensure only Reddit employees could access.

And if all that functionality wasn’t enough, the site also looked pretty cool, with custom collateral designed for the 2022 iteration of the event and CMYK-created animations throughout.

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