Arlo Hotels

Come and stay awhile

Project Intro

Arlo Hotel Group is a modern hospitality brand focused on providing an ideal homebase for the urban explorers of the world—those seeking adventure, community, and a comfortable place to rest their heads at night.


Arlo approached CMYK to help them reinvent their entire digital ecosystem, as their existing visual identity was outdated and did not reflect the company’s ethos or strongly represent them as an approachable mid-level option for the everyday traveler. And unlike their competitors, Arlo wanted to do something different.

They enlisted our team to help redesign the website so that the focus was on celebrating the lifestyle of an Arlo customer.

Our strategic recommendation was to design a multi-site backend system that held Arlo corporate and each of their individual hotel properties within a single content management system. This ensured visual consistency across all six sites while also streamlining workflows for their content management team, who benefited from being able to manage all company assets and messaging from a central location.

Our global design system centered around large images showcasing the hotel’s various public spaces, restaurants, and amenities. Additionally, we used masking techniques to provide interactive rollovers and parallax scrolling to bring a playful tone to the overall aesthetic and user experience.

We also designed the website with a keen eye toward the mobile experience, reflective of the large percentage of site users looking to make reservations from their mobile devices.

CMYK was also responsible for art directing and producing new photographic and video assets for the site. Conceptually, we knew it was essential to show the spaces in action; we wanted to capture people using the hotels’ spaces, so that any visitor could see themselves at the property. We blurred all the models, which promoted a feeling of universality and added a layer of movement, making the spaces feel alive.

The final product is a robust web platform that can grow with the brand over time. Our approach to redefining the visual language has laid a foundation for Arlo to continue evolving and create new assets without starting from scratch.

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