Colgate Palmolive

An interactive deep-dive into a household name

Project Intro

You’ve probably encountered Colgate-Palmolive consumer products countless times throughout your life, but did you know this multinational corporation was founded in 1806 as an immigrant-owned soap and candle factory, right here in NYC?

Drawing from Colgate Palmolive’s rich history and wide range of products, CMYK created an interactive touchscreen experience for their corporate headquarters to educate and delight visitors and demonstrate their steadfast commitment to their employees.


CMYK organized over 60 pieces of unique content into a dynamic, animated matrix of stories– bringing structure and narrative to a diverse library of writing and rich media.

Organizing the content into four major categories (Legacy, Innovation, Brand, and Culture) invited visitors down multiple rabbit holes based on their interests. Users could move along chronological timelines and freely jump between categories, encouraging serendipitous discovery, deeper engagement, and a more flexible, personalized experience overall.

CMYK designed an intuitive and functional interface utilizing familiar design elements and guardrails to ensure a seamless and fun experience. The UI also incorporated Colgate Palmolive’s brand iconography and visual language throughout the experience.

CMYK embedded several innovative features and easter eggs to enrich the user experience, including unique animations triggered by “adding a smile” (a branded “like” button) and other delightful surprises to reward deeper engagement.

With thoughtful narrative structure and intuitive design, CMYK elevated the Colgate Palmolive touchscreen from an informative catalog of content to an engaging and delightful interactive experience. This provided an endless variety of potential user journeys and that strengthen the understanding and connection between Colgate Palmolive, their visitors, and employees.

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