To boldly go where no solar company has gone before


Project Intro

Solestial is a start up in the emerging space-tech industry. Their mission: to provide abundant energy to the next generation of satellites and spacecraft with cutting-edge silicon solar panels. Offering enhanced durability, efficiency, and affordability, these panels are designed to power a new era of space exploration and research.

The Solestial team was unable to make updates on their outdated website without external help. It also relied entirely on 3D product renders, which didn’t help their credibility nor reflect their progress. They needed a more functional, adaptable site with updated multimedia content to support their messaging and credibility. Fortunately, CMYK stepped in to help them achieve these objectives.


To show potential partners, investors, and talent that Solestial’s space-age solar panels were not science-fiction, CMYK conducted on-site photo and video shoots at their Tempe, Arizona facility. Photography highlighted their facilities, people, and products, while our video content captured the manufacturing process and featured interviews with key personnel and an investor who spoke to Solestial’s innovation, talent, and vision.

CMYK also developed new 3D renders of their products in various contexts, demonstrating current use and future applications on spacecraft. The comprehensive multimedia content we produced bolstered Solestial’s credibility and authority in the industry.

In parallel, we also designed and built a custom website aligned with Solestial’s goals. We designed the site for longevity and customizability and ease of editing by their team, with interactive elements to enhance the user experience. Smooth animations and tech-forward design accents provided a sleek, refined, and slightly futuristic feel without veering into science-fiction.

The aesthetic theme achieves a sleek, elegant look that channels the inspiration and wonder of a starry night sky. Bold data visualizations and high-quality product renders, supported by engaging video interviews all help captivate visitors. The site’s design aims to compel potential talent and investors to get involved.

Ultimately, CMYK’s strategic and integrated approach revitalized Solential’s marketing efforts by leveraging video, photo, 3D, and interactive to power-up their brand presence in the space-tech sector.

Prepare for liftoff, space cowboy… 🚀☀️

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