Yale Peabody Museum

Capturing history for a modern museum experience

Project Intro

After a 4 year renovation of the Yale Peabody Museum , the “YPM” tasked us with producing short-form video content to help enrich their visitor experience and offer deeper insights and perspectives of the exhibits across the museum.

We created several unique “series” for integration into the museum’s partnered mobile application, Amuse. The series were comprised of 50 short form video pieces ranging from dinosaur cleanings to Mesopotamian recipe books.


We pitched over 10 different episodic series concepts based around the goals and voices of the Peabody – everything from a puppet-led exploration of the museum to a series focused on the smallest items in the Peabody’s vast collection of 14 million artifacts. We settled on a select few ideas, creating unique identities for each, from graphic design to content and editing style.



Shooting on-location with a small yet efficient crew, we captured expert perspectives from archaeologists, paleo-botanists, and preservation specialists on a wide range of topics such as ancient Mesopotamia and Assyria.



Peabody will initially distribute these series via the Amuse App – their collaborative partner for location-specific content within the museum – However, knowing another short term goal was to boost their up-and-coming social media networks, our post-production team made episodes suitable for various platforms, including versions optimized for YouTube and social media campaigns.

We are working hard to make the new-and-improved Peabody Museum a “social media darling.”


Because the Peabody is intrinsically tied with Yale, we have a great opportunity to create a learning experience for some of Yale’s students. A long term goal of the museum is to have a student-run communications team produce videos in-house.

As an ongoing process, we are leading collaboration sessions and workshops with a handful of students to turnkey our creative process.

We gave students the opportunity to learn our creative process and get hands-on experience assisting our team and crew on shoots and edits. Our goal is to teach students how to craft original episodes from their own perspectives.

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