Bank of America

Better Money Habits

Project Intro

As one of the largest financial institutions in the world, Bank of America (BofA) has an incredibly diverse clientele and mandate of services to provide, and part of those services is creating educational and financial literacy content for new generations of investors.


In furtherance of this goal, CMYK partnered with BofA to create a live-action animated explainer video to communicate the value of investing at a young age and the power of compound interest over time.

To do so, we directed and produced a scripted recording of one of the company’s investment strategists discussing key, introductory financial concepts and overlaid a series of animations to help visualize the ideas and create a sense of relatability and warmth.

Alongside the full runtime version of the video, we also created an abridged edit for use in social campaigns and for other marketing needs, to ensure the best possible coverage available to get their new video out into the world.

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