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CMYKtv is a virtual event platform that is integrated directly into your existing WordPress website. This allows you to create fully branded and customized digital events, presenting both live broadcast and pre-recorded content in real-time across the globe. Modeled after a traditional, live-action event structure, your audience has access to a lobby and stage environment, as well as a suite of engagement and interaction tools to foster connectivity between attendees and presenters alike.


  • Branded Experience

    Create a fully branded live event experience that is integrated into an existing web platform
  • Single Platform

    Consolidates virtual events into a single suite of tools, reducing the number of technology partners and platforms that need to be manually synced and updates (e.g., Zoom, Slack, Vimeo, engagement tools, etc.)

  • Global Reach

    Audience and presenters no longer need be tied to a specific location, but rather can broadcast or attend from anywhere, on any device

  • Richer Engagement

    Dedicated public and private event spaces along with tools for audience participation such as polls, chat, Q&A, and likes

  • Stream to Social

    Live event streams can be shared to social media channels such as Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube simultaneously

  • Custom Analytics

    Learn more about your audience, what they like, and how they engage with custom tools built specifically for your events


  • Custom Kits

    All our kits are custom built based on your needs and include all the equipment you need to create beautiful 4K content. Shipping and returning the equipment is already taken care of!
  • Virtual Set Up

    We will walk you through how to set up our kits and help choose the best place to frame the shot. Every production comes with a full tech rehearsal

  • Contactless Recording

    Everything is contactless and all equipment is sanitized before it arrives at your doorstep

  • 4 People / 1 Day

    Unlike traditional production, we can shoot multiple subjects in various locations (including b-roll) in a single day

  • Flexible Content

    Event content can be a multi-person live broadcast, pre-recorded video, or a combination of the two

  • Final Assets

    All pre-recorded content follows traditional post-production and edit workflow


Warner Music Group

Having recently refreshed their corporate identity, WMG was in need of a way to broadly and effectively communicate the new brand to their staff and stakeholders spread across the country, working from numerous offices and remotely. And as experts in video production, CMYK was a natural partner to help them achieve their goals.

The Salon @ Ford

Enter The Salon: A unique fully branded digital event series, with a mixture of live and pre-recorded video content, in partnership with Ford Foundation.

Art for Justice Fund

We partnered with Art for Justice fund to produce an hour long program celebrating the work of artist Julie Mehretu and highlighting the work and grantees of the organization.

Moët Hennessy: New Now Conference

Learn how we worked with Moet Hennessy to create a unique experience for their 600 people, 2-day employee conference.


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