A better website for better animal health

Project Intro

Having recently restructured and codified their brand guidelines, Zoetis was in need of partner that could help extrapolate these styles into the digital sphere and update their core online platform, while also restructuring the overall messaging being presented to better reflect the company’s current self-identity.


As an organization necessarily invested in science and technology, Zoetis required a website that could convey the depth of their product lines and the value of their research and manufacturing capabilities…and to this end, CMYK helped take their previous, out-of-date website into the 21st century.

Built using Crownpeak’s proprietary content management system, Zoetis’s new website emphasizes clarity of organization on the back-end and clean and focused modernity on the front-end, reinforcing the company’s trustworthiness and integrity as a health company.

Pairing a strong system of repeatable content blocks and modules with a series of custom, interactive components for key site sections, the site sets a new standard for usability in comparison to their older platform and those of their competitors, while also allowing for easy expansion as their product ranges and general messaging expands in the future.

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