Silicon Valley at Home

Usability-focused renovation for a housing equity advocate

Project Intro

With the housing advocacy organization’s mission close to heart- prioritizing access, education, and advocacy- we blueprinted and built a full site renovation for the Silicon Valley’s equitable housing authority.

The organization’s breadth of housing advocacy resources are vital to the community it serves- so we placed them front and center.


Over SV@Home’s history, their teams have compiled an awesome library of resources- all of which are vital to their mission and those impacted by their work. By reorganizing resource content, enhancing its searchability, and simplifying taxonomic organization of their knowledge base, we ensured that crucial information is both comprehensive and increasingly accessible.

We expanded on the organization’s identity, using its color palette for both visual interest and as a functional guide.

By subtly associating color with function, we created a highly intentional web environment. Color both generates interest, delineates like content, and provides users anchor points for navigating the site. Creating extra space for large, impactful imagery gives engaging context to functional information- so we ensured ample opportunity for rich media presentation across screens.

Usability is essential- on the front and back end alike. The site’s former CMS left a lot of flexibility to be desired- so we took full advantage of new capabilities in the WordPress framework to create an environment that was more easily, intuitively editable.

Essential building blocks with bespoke variations created an editing system that both ensured visual continuity, and left room for multiple approaches to media presentation and data visualization.

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