Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)

Civilians and the future of conflict

Project Intro

In service of their mission, CIVIC approached CMYK with the request for a web-based experience that would help explain the vitalness of the organization’s mission through storytelling and digital interactions.

Beginning with a set of hypothetical scenarios centered on potential world conflicts, we designed and developed a gamebook-style website that allows users to make their own decisions about how to engage in conflict and learn about the potential ramifications on civilian populations that result. The choice to escalate a conflict or let simmer, blockade or invade a nation will result in civilian death and injury, economic fallout, and population displacement.


In order to enhance the narrative, we proposed and built a series of tools designed to draw attention to impactful pieces of information and increase user engagement.

These include custom-made image collages that animate as distinct elements merging on screen, a countdown clock at key decision points to create a sense of urgency and immediacy, a dynamic casualty counter that ticks upward to record the human impact implied by certain narrative paths, and pop-up reference screens so users can choose to learn more about specialized terminology and concepts as they arise within the stories.

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