Atlantic Records & Warner Chappell Germany

Empowering women in music with Natascha Augustin

Project Intro

Warner Chappell is the global music publishing wing of Warner Music Group, with a history dating back to the founding of the original Chappell & Co. group in 1811 and a roster of contemporary musicians and back-catalog of credits that reads as a veritable “who’s who” of the greatest popular musicians of the past two centuries.

In recognition of the diverse benefits offered to up-and-coming artists by Warner Chappell, CMYK travelled to Germany to film a showcase of SHE Camp, a first-of-its-kind, all-female rap songwriting program developed through a unique collaboration between Warner Chappell and Atlantic Records.

Led by Natascha Augustin (Vice President, A&R, Warner Chappell Germany; Consultant, Atlantic Records), SHE was designed as a catalyst for change and to empower and shine a spotlight on brilliant women working in hip-hop, from Argentina’s BB Asul to Canada’s Charmaine; Turkey’s Lil Zey to the Netherlands’ Latifah; Indonesia’s RAMENGVRL to South Africa’s Rouge.

CMYK conceptualized, directed, filmed, and edited a micro-documentary of the camp, centering on a series of conversations with Natascha detailing her background in music and motivations, and interviews with the many artists that came from around the world to engage with their peers and their art form, and to grow their craft.

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