The Chosen

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The Chosen series

Project Intro

The Chosen is a dramatic retelling of the Gospels that has reached over 200 million viewers globally. The showrunners knew their bold and compelling interpretation (featuring a talented and diverse cast) could appeal to more fans of prestige period dramas, even those who aren’t religious.

They sought to find a creative partner who could appeal to new audiences and build hype leading up to season four with fresh campaign ideas, and they were #blessed to find CMYK !




We brainstormed and pitched several concepts, from digital trading cards and dating app profiles for their characters to behind-the-scenes content and a “Jesus on the Street” video that would capture Jesus wandering the streets of Manhattan, asking strangers for directions and asking if they’ll “follow him,” (as he does on the show). The Chosen team loved our ideas.

Character Recap videos

We began by creating six “character recap” videos. Working closely with their team, we condensed the character arcs of six disciples into poignant short compilations that highlight their most pivotal moments over the first three seasons.

The Chosen series
The Chosen series

THe Results

With well over half a million views and over 1,300 comments (and counting), the response to these videos has been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous fans confessed they were moved to tears, while others expressed their excitement for season 4 and their appreciation for putting the spotlight on their favorite characters in such moving and succinct compilations.

The Chosen series
The Chosen series
The Chosen series

The videos succeeded in stoking anticipation for season four and prompted fans to engage with each other and re-watch the series. They also helped encourage new audiences to check out the show by showcasing the high production value and deep, emotional storylines of the diverse cast, both of which help to make The Chosen so much more than just “a show about Jesus.”

The Chosen series
The Chosen Mary Magdalene
The Chosen series

Social graphics

We also worked closely with our friend and frequent collaborator Barry Bruner to create a series of beautiful graphics to be shared on The Chosen’s instagram page. The designs represent each disciple through stylized interpretations of themes in their respective journeys. Check back soon to see the results! 

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