Super Deluxe Edition

Talk about a throwback

Project Intro

Having built their platform up over the past decade, SDE was in need of a more useable interface that also allowed for a set of wholly new features to help expand the site and community’s interactivity, all while retaining their commitment to being ad-free and no-cost for their users.


To accomplish all of this, CMYK scrapped the original site in toto, carrying over nothing but the logo, and started from the ground up, building out an entirely new look-and-feel for the site, members’ portal, user re-engagement strategy, and analytics package that allows SDE to send targeted communications, create unique user experience, and custom sales funnels.

Alongside these features, CMYK also created a custom suite of editorial tools and widgets, such as recommended content blocks, user polls, release ratings, and a lifecycle tracker that lists all of SDE’s content and articles relating to a single product, from rumor to review.

With a loyal and highly active userbase self-proclaimed as “resistant to change”, the greatest barometer of success that CMYK has seen since launch has been the overwhelming support the new site has received from regulars and recent user additions alike. Plus, the client seemed happy, so that’s cool!

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