Appetizing web-series for Italy's #1 tomato brand

Project Intro

With an unrivaled range of products and a strong commitment to the land and people that make those products possible, Mutti has become an uncontested market leader in Europe and Asia over the course of their 150-year history. Now they’re looking to expand that dominance into North America with a marketing push that includes a CMYK-designed website and series of cooking videos.



Stacy Adimando | Tomato Minestrone



Our first project with Mutti was a microsite, for which we developed a smart, block-style design that ties the order in which content is displayed to a series of web ads that were posted in order to promote the site. When a user clicks on an ad and is taken to the microsite, the content automatically arranges itself so that whatever piece the user expressed interest appears near the top of the site.

Once the site had gone live, we turned our attention to producing content, namely a series of unscripted cooking videos in which we film a collection of New York’s finest up-and-coming chefs cooking some of their favorite meals in their own kitchens—all featuring Mutti tomato products, of course. Hosted on both the microsite and Mutti’s YouTube channel, the videos have racked up thousands of views since their publication.

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