International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA)

Delicious & nutritious animation for the IFBA

Project Intro

Looking to celebrate their decade long commitment to the betterment of public health, IFBA and CMYK teamed up to create an animated video that not only serves as a simple and engaging introduction to the alliance and its mission, but also celebrates the many successes of the organization over the years.


To make this animated short, CMYK began with a series of storyboards and style frames in order to outline the thematic movements of the script and create an illustrated style that was bright, friendly, and played into the color schemes of IFBA’s founding members’ logos and wordmarks.

From there, the magic of motion graphics began: using dozens of illustrated assets, we built a seamless flow of animations from scene to scene as objects morph and melt into each other to form new elements and move the narrative of the video to its conclusion.

The end result was an upbeat and delightful capstone to 10 years of excellence for IFBA and their mission to end world hunger and promote good health and well-being for all!

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