Silicon Valley @ Home

  • Web Design/Development

  • Strategy

  • CRM Skin and Integration


SV@Home works within California’s bay area to provide resources and updates regarding affordable housing and community development initiatives. The challenge was taking their outdated website and migrating it over to an easy to use CMS. This would allow them to showcase their work in a beautiful and compelling way without sacri- cing functionality and back-end usability.


In additional to working within the WordPress platform, we integrated Sala Labs to give SV@Home the ability to incorporate functionality speci c to their membership base (ie: member sign ups, donations, newsletter capture, event registration and petition signing.

We have also customized and integrated an interactive map which shows users important information regarding jurisdiction information and policy updates as it regards to affordable housing. The interactive map is tied to spe- ci c editorial content, to augment the user’s experience and provide them with access to rich information as they navigate the map. The map was create with Carto and brought into WordPress using their API.