“We Are CMYK” – This mantra, tagline, and statement holds true in everything we do. CMYK is a collective of diverse creatives who work together to create incredible experiences for our partners. Our work is not created in a vacuum; it stems from a collaborative and integrated approach that draws not only from our expertise but also from our personal backgrounds.

The CMYK team consists of individuals with unique identities, cultures, and experiences. We believe that when everyone feels included and appreciated, we can produce our best work. In our culture, there is an inherent trust and understanding that every voice matters and is heard. What has resulted is a workplace that is loud.

We are daring, dynamic, and not afraid to take risks.

As Pride month comes to an end, we see this time as an opportunity to reset for the upcoming summer and year. Similar to our winter holiday break, the studio will be closed for the first week of July. During this time, we encourage everyone to set an intention for the year and choose a word that represents their motivation for the coming months.

Additionally, we collaborated with photographer Sam Waxman to produce a series of intimate portraits. Because color is an integral part of our brand, we asked each team member to choose two colors reflecting who they are. The collection of all of us, all of our colors, represents our individuality and the beautiful spectrum that is CMYK.

We are CMYK, dedicated and committed to thinking, creating, and collaborating as a team.