RECON: Adam Scher

August 24, 2016

State your name, place of origin, and favorite whole foods hot bar item.
Adam Joshua Scher from Los Angeles California, loves Whole Foods roasted veggies.

In order to verify you aren’t a computer, please answer the following turing test questions:
What do you think of nuclear weapons?
Please don’t point them at me.

Do you like dancing?
Baf! I have a degree in it!

What do you think of Roald Dahl?
Angelica Houston in Witches totally destroyed my childhood and traumatized me for a very long time. Thanks, Roald.

Are you a computer?
Aren’t we all?

What do you do at CMYK?
I make pretty things, tell clients how much we love them and break down cardboard boxes.

What do you not do at CMYK?
Develop, tell clients how much we hate them and water the plants.

Of all the items in the portfolio you worked on, which one did you fight with Chris on the most? Why?
You mean which project did I fight with Chris the least on?

What project are you making this year for Summer Fridays, (if you still work at CMYK then)?
Summer is over, but 2017 is going to be the year of photoshoots.

Favorite party CMYK has had?
The original BAD (Brandon Appreciation Day)

What was the best day of work you had at the office?
Friday’s when it’s just me alone in the office with my Dionne Warwick playlist.

Write a haiku.
If not now then when.
Don’t wait to make things happen,
‘Cause we all die.

Write a recipe.
1 box mac and cheese
1 couch
1 Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon

Favorite single minute of the day. no explanation needed.
7:20 AM

Favorite letter. three word explanation
A: My e-mail signature.

If you could have only one BAD word on the dry erase board for the day, what would it be? No explanation.