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January 2015


How can you bring an “insider experience” to a larger audience?

Designed as the “anti-tour,” Local Expeditions specializes in community-driven adventures that offer a true “insider experience.” The shared economy marketplace has been popularized in travel by companies like AirBnB. Local Expeditions founder Nancy Blaine’s vision was to bring this model to local tours, connecting travelers to local guides, and creating a community in the process. She had the idea and the business; she just needed us to help create the tools to make her dream a reality.

The Problem

Local Expeditions allows tourists to experience a city like a local. We needed to create a digital space where people could find out about the different types of tours and guides in their city, as well as sign-up to take the tours. But Local Expeditions is not just a passive experience. The platform needed to provide a way for people to become guides and present their own unique tours,  expressing  their inner storyteller and performer.

The CMYK Solution

We created an interactive platform to connect all members of this community – tourists, guides, perspective guides and curious locals.  The platform is friendly, warm and informative. We provided Nancy and her team with all of the tools she needs to keep her content fresh, and the site infrastucture is flexible enough to keep up with their fast-expanding tour offerings. Users can register for tours or sign-up to become guides themselves. Plus the platform features a treasure-trove of trivia, tidbits and history of the neighborhoods where the tours visit – making it a a destination in and of itself!

Local Expeditions launched in September and plans to expand its tour offering in New York, as well as in other cities and countries. As the community grows, so will the types of tours. We anticipate that those who take tours will then go on to give their own back home, spreading and sharing the community of local travel around the world.






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