United Against Nuclear Iran

Powering crucial conversations through concerted messaging

United Against Nuclear Iran (“UANI”) is a nonprofit and non-partisan policy organization formed to combat the threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Its 2022 Summit aimed to devise new diplomatic strategies to defuse the Iranian regime’s real and present nuclear intimidation through activism, policy, and galvanization.

Project Intro

For the organization’s 2022 Iran Summit- a gathering of policymakers, human rights activists and diplomats working to combat the regime’s support for terrorism, regional destabilization, and human rights violations- CMYK created a brand identity suffused through digital and physical event collateral to uplift the gathering’s message.

The Results


In order to best communicate the summit’s crucial messaging, we began with creating a malleable brand identity rooted in recognizable shape, pattern, and color- providing both symbolic and literal wayfinding markers for event guests.

A color scheme of muted blues and greens, plus pops of goldenrod, communicate the event’s seriousness while also injecting bright, celebratory highlights. These serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose- allowing color, scale, and context to illustrate both rhetorical and physical wayfinding.

The type of assets we created ranged considerably- from printed programs, to directional signage, to animated title cards for the event’s video stream- but all were anchored by a concise, clear, and compelling visual language.

The gridded shapes used here- evocative of archways and communicating opportunity, collaboration and cohesion- also create a format for highly graphical, culturally resonant and infinitely applicable type presentations.

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