Bringing luxury to new heights

Project Intro

In order to properly introduce such a luxurious and high-end establishment, the team behind SAGA approached CMYK to create a digital platform that reflected key elements of their approach to fine dining, while also setting a tone of anticipation for the experience being offered through their ever-changing and seasonal menu.

Our solution was to lean into the impressiveness of SAGA’s towering location with a custom illustrated rendition of the Pine Street building that the restaurant occupies, paired with a reverse-oriented scrolling function that mimics the elevator ride guests take to reach the restaurant.


As they scroll, visitors to the website can learn details about the history of both the building and restaurant, before reaching the summit and gaining access to additional information about each component of SAGA, such as private dining options and illustrated floor plans for the dining spaces and bar.

Users also have access to key conversion points (e.g., reservations) through a persistent sidebar navigation bar.

In addition to the SAGA website experience, we also created a unique platform for Overstory, their cocktail bar that sits directly above the main dining room.

Accessing the Overstory provides users with an alternate design and navigational layout so that information and actions unique to the bar (e.g., cocktail menus and separate reservations) can be maintained clearly and distinctly from those of the restaurant, in order to drive appropriate conversions.

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