American Repertory Ballet

You can dance if you want to

Project Intro

American Repertory Ballet (ARB) is a premiere and nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of classical and contemporary dance through performance, education, and community outreach.


Based in New Jersey, ARB and affiliated Princeton Ballet School (PBS) have been a fixture in the world of ballet since the mid-20th century. In order to help them grow well into the 21st century, however, ARB required an entirely revamped digital platform in order to communicate more effectively with the public and to organize themselves more efficiently.

CMYK partnered with ARB to a develop new digital identity for the organization (including updating key branding assets such a color palette and logos).

We were also tasked to build a content management system that would allow them to centralize their digital operations into a single location, including tracking and displaying performance dates (and—perhaps most importantly—purchasing tickets) via an easy-to-use calendar system and integration of PBS’s class schedules and registration workflows.

Alongside this, CMYK created a new taxonomic structure for the website to more intuitively organize and link related content in order to facilitate smoother userflows on the front-end and develop better connections for SEO and discoverability in order to expand ARB’s digital reach.

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