Welcome to our soapbox

January 19, 2014

Hi, So we are finally back with our little soapbox area.  In the past (and by "past" I mean four years, 20 agents, 50 projects, and a piece of our sanity ago), we had a little editorial page entitled "The Future is Now".  In fact, its still the majority of things that pop up on google searches for "operation cmyk".  Those days, we were coy, weird, full of strange animal ideas, and had a couple of guest writers who enjoyed to write rants for us now and again. We haven't really changed much, except for acquiring four years worth of writing material that has been waiting to be unleashed. I'm not going to make promises on when and why we will give you more stories to read or rants to digest, but we will for sure let you know when we post a new one -> why else would we write anything if not to grandstand to you! CMYK Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.25.45 PM