RECON: Xenia Kim

August 3, 2016

State your name, place of origin, and favorite Whole Foods hot bar item. Xenia Kim, Long Island, Falafel In order to verify you aren’t a computer, please answer the following Turing test questions: What do you think of nuclear weapons? Probably should think more of them Do you like dancing? Of course What do you think of Roald Dahl? Inspirational Are you a computer? Possibly What do you do at CMYK? Intern in Development and/or pet the neighbor’s dog What do you not do at CMYK? Water the plants What is your agent superpower? Finding the comfiest chairs around the office What was the best day of work you had at the office? Spotting a feral cat through the binoculars Write a haiku. Haikus may not be the best way to say something important such as Write a recipe. Ingredients: avocado(s) Directions: take avocado, smash avocado (optional: on bread) Favorite single minute of the day. No explanation necessary. 3:18 Favorite letter.  Three word explanation C: Cats, coffee, commas If you could have only one BAD word on the dry erase board for the day, what would it be? Nomorecoffee