Recon: Kadi Hughes

July 6, 2015

Kadi "Carbs are for Closers" Hughes.  One of the original four, Agent Black is back...with a vengeance. After spending five years in Asia, she returns to CMYK with a whole new bag of tricks.

State your name, place of origin, and favorite Whole Foods hot bar item.

Kadi Hughes, Dedham, MA, Paleo zucchini soup, because it looks like mucus and tastes like thick salt

In order to verify you aren’t a computer, please answer the following Turing test questions:

What do you think of nuclear weapons?

Define “think.”

Do you like dancing?

No. I am not a philistine.

What do you think of Roald Dahl?

Genius. This poem is the guiding principle of my life: 'My candle burns at both ends, It will not last the night. But ah my friends, and oh my foes, It gives a lovely light.'

Are you a computer?

I don’t subscribe to your limited definitions of identity.

What do you do at CMYK?

Business development, strategy, animal wrangler/whisperer, Snapchatting, being relevant

What do you not do at CMYK?

Water the plants. Oops!

Of all the items in the portfolio you worked on, which one did you fight with Chris on the most? Why?

Hands down, the One Sweet Day video. That project dealt with a lot of very raw, very true emotions and so I think we were all a bit tense and emotional about it. However, the end product is everything we could have hoped for.  

What project are you making this year for Summer Fridays, (if you still work at CMYK then)?

#BMBD (Bold Moves Bad Decision)

Favorite party CMYK has had?

Black List

What was the best day of work you had at the office?

Technically it wasn’t “the office” but the day we came up with the name “Operation:CMYK” and decided – all together – “Let’s do this thing!

Write a haiku.

Biz dev is all about Bitch Better Have My Money But like way nicer

Write a recipe.

Superfood Smoothie In a blender, combine unsweetened almond milk, a frozen banana, spinach, seasonal berries, Ashitaba, Champy scales, Moringa, vegan Protein powder, crushed unicorn horn, spriulina and the tears of your enemy. Blend til smooth. Pour, gulp as fast as you can. Bask in your power. Become immortal.

Favorite single minute of the day. No explanation necessary.


Favorite letter.  Three word explanation.

麒麟 Because I’m obnoxious.

If you could have only one BAD word on the dry erase board for the day, what would it be?

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