Recon: Devon Bussell

September 10, 2015

Devon Bussell brings a sense of intellectual thinking and a keen eye for interactivity to the mix. She also knows all the secret spots in Gowanus to get a killer sandwich.

State your name, place of origin, and favorite Whole Foods hot bar item.

Devon Bussell, from Dallas, Texas. My favorite hot bar item is the Indian tofu salad thing.

In order to verify you aren’t a computer, please answer the following Turing test questions:

What do you think of nuclear weapons?


Do you like dancing?


What do you think of Roald Dahl?


Are you a computer?


What do you do at CMYK?

I design things for print and web.

What do you not do at CMYK?

Mess around!

Of all the items in the portfolio you worked on, which one did you fight with Chris on the most? Why?

I’ve only just started fighting with Chris. Looking forward to fighting with him on future projects.

What project are you making this year for Summer Fridays, (if you still work at CMYK then)?

Friday is my day off :/

Favorite party CMYK has had?

The Ample Hills party! (ed.note: #BMBD Party, but yeah, the Ample Hills was a highlight)

What was the best day of work you had at the office?

The first day we ate Pickle Shack.

Write a haiku.

Here in Gowanus We are at one with nature; Don’t drink the water.

Write a recipe.

Take it out of the fridge. Throw it on the stove. Put the stove on high. Bring it down to a simmer when it boils.

Favorite single minute of the day. No explanation necessary.

9:45 pm

Favorite letter.  Three word explanation.

D - dastardly devilish demonic

If you could have only one BAD word on the dry erase board for the day, what would it be?