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January 2015


Do “everyday products” need an online presence?

A piece a fruit you buy at the deli. A bottle of water you pick up before the gym.  A candy bar from the vending machine for an afternoon office snack. A pack of tissues for evening sniffles.  These items are part of your everyday life but you probably never visit their website. Do every day products even need a website? What is the purpose? Why would you go there? These were some of the questions we were challenged with when we created a website for Volvic North America. Our goal was to create a informational destination that was also an experience.

The Problem

Volvic North America had an outdated website that neither reflected their international brand messaging nor how they wanted the brand to be positioned in North America. Being one of the top water brands globally, they felt that their North American competitors were outshining them digitally. They couldn’t update their front-end content consistently or conveniently. The site has stale design and outdated functionality (in Flash). They were trapped in their own digital space and unable to properly communicate what Volvic means to their customers.

The CMYK Solution

First thing, the CMYK team provided an easily updatable CMS that allowed them to change any piece of content, anywhere on the site, at anytime. With complete control and flexibility they can keep their content fresh, current and clear.

Volvic’s water is sourced from some of the most pure and stunning locations on the planet. We focused the design around big, beautiful, brand images mixed with a clean aesthetic and minimal text. We used the pristine locale as a base for the experience of the site.

Clients often request specific types of technology and interaction based on the trends of their competitors and what they have loved when researching other brands.  Volvic was no different and wanted to explore a “parallax site” with their new design.  Parallax sites have been around for a bit, but are relatively new trend for larger brands with higher traffic.  You have probably come across them -> The content animates on and off screen based on your “scrolling” of the website.  Unlike traditional navigation, the scroll bar can move things in and out, from any direction as well as move different objects at different speeds.  Ultimately, it gives the user a magical experience via a very linear narrative journey.  However, parallax sites are nightmares for clients when updating content, even in a CMS. Since so many are specifically developed for their narratives of the brand, most become outdated soon after they are created – not something we like to give to our clients.

With Volvic, we wanted to do things different.  We developed and integrated a responsive design with the animation of a parallax design but cleaner and more simple.  We crafted an experience specific for Volvic that provided them with the narrative experience of a parallax site AND gave them the ability to edit and rearrange content. By creating this type of interactivity, we were able to control and direct the user experience, which in turn allowed Volvic to hand craft a narrative experience around their brand.

We then started to play with the content. We added animations, an entire section devoted to their social outreach, a narrative exploration of their  brand story. Followed by integrating a database of retailers and locations into the platform, allowing for them to seamlessly update information that would help push sales. We polished the design to give them a friendly, but upscale look – strong, clean and beautiful.




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