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May 2020


Coming off the successful launch of Mercado Little Spain in New York City, CMYK and chef José Andrés teamed up once again to create a new digital environment for his restaurant management organization, ThinkFoodGroup.

As the umbrella group that oversees all aspects of the more than 30 restaurants and dozens of food products for sale in specialty shops around the world, TFG has a singular and ambitious goal: to change the world through the power of food. We like that goal, and we were happy to advance it by designing and developing a beautiful and whimsical new digital home for the brand to act as a resource hub for information about the organization, including business and career opportunities, product and restaurant portfolios, and their ambitious mission statement.

When approaching this project, we started with two things: rich, high-quality images of the people and food that makes TFG’s many restaurants renowned throughout the world and a design language that harkens to Andrés’ home country, with digital elements that subtly recall the long history of mosaics and intricate tilework in Moorish Spain. From there, we moved straight into the modern world through the development of sleek yet playful animations throughout the site, so that text and images float onto the screen as users scroll and content and calls-to-action dance and change colors when interacted with.




A design system inspired by Andrés’ home country that subtly recall the long history of mosaics and intricate tilework in Moorish Spain.


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The animations created reflect the progressive and fun nature of ThinkFoodGroup’s restaurant and experiences.


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