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January 2015


How do you go from a “small business” to a “brand”?

Chef Lindsay Martin created Small Batch Granola in her home in Vermont using local, organic and delicious ingredients. Her successful business grew from a farmer’s market stand to a cafe to a general store. Then, the time came to expand beyond her local community. Small Batch Granola is similar to a lot of our clients, in that after developing, marketing and growing their business, they have reached the next phase in their business’ lifecycle. To get to this next level, they need the proper design and technology to help them elevate their business into a brand.

The Problem

In order to take this next step in Small Batch’s evolution, Lindsay needed branding, design and digital expertise – all of which we brought to the project to create a strategy and tools to elevate and monetize her product and her brand. When working with a small business owner or a personal brand, we are highly sensitive to the needs and vision of the client. This is not just their business, it’s an extension of them. It is our role to interpret their vision and find ways to bring it to the next level. Websites and digital platforms are incredibly powerful tools to enhance and grow a brand; we are able to find ways to leverage and apply these tools to our clients’ vision, without compromising their mission.

The CMYK Solution

We worked with Lindsay to design her visual brand identity and craft her brand story. Then we created a platform to promote and sell Small Batch’s granola, all while keeping to Lindsay’s core ethos and aesthetic. We ensured Lindsay could update all of the tools we designed and developed for Small Batch, so that she could keep information and stock fresh. Lindsay has even more aspirations for her company, with the possibility of introducing in new products and content. With this in mind, we designed a platform that is elastic in both its functionality and design, and so will be able to encompass and expand with whatever Lindsay has planned next.



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