Small Batch Organics


Small Batch Organics


January 2015


Small Batch Organics was founded and first produced by Chef Lindsay Martin in her Vermont home using local, organic, and delicious ingredients. Over the years, she grew her business from a small farmers’ market stand, to a café, to a bustling general store before deciding to expand her successful business beyond her local community and take it out into the world.
In order to take this next step in Small Batch’s evolution, Lindsay needed branding, design, and digital expertise—all of which we brought to the project in order to create a strategy to elevate and monetize her product and her brand.
When working with a small business owner or a personal brand, we are highly sensitive to the needs and vision of the client. After all, this is not just their business, it’s an extension of them, and it’s our role to interpret their vision and find ways to bring it to the next level without compromising their mission.
For Small Batch, we worked closely with Lindsay to build a visual identity for her brand that paid homage to its roots in the Green Mountains while also drawing attention to her commitment to supporting local and family-owned farms with a focus on organic foods. From there, we built a world-class e-commerce site that beautifully displays her products, highlights the partners she sources her ingredients from, and makes it easy to order or even subscribe to a regular delivery of the best Vermont has to offer with the simple click of a button, all with aim of increasing her brand awareness and expanding the depth of her customer base.



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