Seattle-based SEVEN’s high-quality hair care line grew out of their popular and successful salon. They created a line of hair products based on the expertise of their stylists to give clients beautiful, touchable hair every day. The next step in their progression was to bring their products to a wider domestic audience with an e-commerce platform.

The Problem

As the company was expanding – digitally, physically, and philosophically, SEVEN needed a cohesive brand voice and style to communicate who they are with various audiences. They needed print collateral to announce the new products and excite buyers. Lastly, they needed an e-commerce platform that not only provided a clear and fun way to search and purchase their products, but they also wanted a platform that was a destination hub and knowledge repository for all things hair.

The CMYK Solution

Our first step was to create a comprehensive voice and style document, which will act as a messaging roadmap for all future communications. Based on interviews with the client and an audit of the field, we were able to define and then provide clear guidelines for how SEVEN portrays itself – both textually and visually.

We then created an inspirational and motivational sales brochure which was used to help introduce and launch the new product line to salons for retail. We paired sleek and sophisticated design with lush photography to create a powerful sales tool to act as a brand ambassador.

For their digital platform, we needed to highlight the ethos of the company, its high-quality products, and its deep commitment to empowering stylists and clients to give them their best hair. SEVEN is deeply invested in their stylists and sharing their expertise with their clients. We created a comprehensive linking system to enforce products with useful content, and in turn, optimized the content to drive traffic to the site. The final product is an effective, elegant and fun e-commerce platform that can easily grow and expand as SEVEN continues its climb to the top.



Pati Jinich