August 2018


As the #1 brand of tomatoes in Italy, you know Mutti has to be good!

With an unrivaled range of products and a strong commitment to the land and people that make those products possible, Mutti has become an uncontested market leader in Europe and Asia over the course of their 150 year history. Now, they’re looking to expand that dominance into North America with a marketing push that includes entirely new collateral, content, and two CMYK-designed websites.




Our first project is a microsite that launched in advance of the roll-out of Mutti’s broader marketing initiative, and which features a slew of new content pieces produced by the company, including recipes and videos by food blogger and radio host, Kate Schlientz.

While primarily meant to bridge the gap between Mutti’s old, full website and their new site coming in 2019, we nevertheless took the opportunity to innovate with this microsite and create something that spoke to Mutti’s new identity in the U.S. To this end, we developed a block-style website that ties the order in which the content is displayed to a series of web ads that Mutti posted in order to promote the site. When a user clicks on an ad and is taken to the new microsite, the content automatically arranges itself so that whatever piece the user expressed interest in by clicking the ad appeared near the top of the site, so that they’re immediately rewarded for their action.

We’re currently working on Mutti’s forthcoming, full website and will post updates once we’re nearing launch in 2019. Stay tuned!




















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