Digital Quotient Animation


McKinsey & Company

  • Animation

  • Illustration

  • Script Development

  • Music Composition


February 2016


Can minimalistic animation tell complex narratives?

McKinsey & Company set out to find out why some companies succeed at digital, and others don’t. Their findings were comprehensive, nuanced and provided the core of their “Digital Quotient” campaign, a thought leadership project aimed at industry leaders and business leaders with less digital acumen.

The Problem

As part of this “Digital Quotient” campaign, McKinsey wanted to convey the core tenants of the DQ findings through a short animation. However, the findings from their report were complex, detailed and nuanced. Our challenge was to find a way to distill their findings into succinct but comprehensive message – and then communicate this complex idea to a sophisticated audience by explaining but not condescending to them.

The CMYK Solution

After digesting the findings of the “Digital Quotient” report, we developed a script which parceled their findings into clear and distinct messages. Taking these messages, we crafted a clear script and developed compelling visuals to enhance the message. Lastly, we arranged a score to capture the essence and tone both of the campaign and the McKinsey parent brand. All of these elements then came together to form an elegant, informative and engaging animation, which has become the showpiece of the “Digital Quotient” campaign.