MB Sauces


Gia Russa

  • Web Design & Development

  • Content Strategy

  • Extending Existing Brand


August 2016


In order to align the digital presence of Mario Batali’s food products, we created an online space where the aesthetics were visually aligned with each other. We collaborated with the co-packers at Gia Russa, to create a platform that highlighted the Batali branded foods. With our reccomendations we were able to highlight not only the products available, but incorporate video and recipe content that was direcly related to products. This allowed for the cross-polination of materials, so that users who are reading recipes could link directly to products used in them.


Mario Batali’s products needed a platform to showcase themselves, in a simple, yet crisp way. We did not want the products to get buried under cheap, commercial advertising. A online shopper deserved to experience a quick trip to Italy while viewing dozens of Mario Batali products.


We let the Mario Batali brand speak for itself, while building a crisp frame around each sauce, pasta and recipe. Inspired right out of Italy, we used the color theme and design of the products to create an experience for the online shopper. We would take these inspirations and build a site highlighting the authentic Italian cuisine.