MANNA is a Philadelphia based non-profit whose mission is to provide nutritious and healthy meals to patients with terminal diseases. Their motivating philosophy is that food is medicine, and each meal prepared and delivered by MANNA is customized for the special dietary considerations of their clients based on the professional recommendations of their nutritional staff in order to improve their health and quality of life.




Prior to the launch of their new CMYK designed website, the organization struggled with their online presence as their previous site was built without a content management system and was very difficult to update on a regular basis. Their original site was also not responsive and thus challenging to navigate on mobile devices, which created a significant obstacle for them as a majority of their patients do not have access to desktop computers.

With these two challenges in mind, we worked with MANNA’s communications team on a redesign of their platform that took into consideration the specific needs of the organization and their community.

First and foremost, the platform needed to be easy to use for a demographic with limited technical access and capability, and to this end we created a mobile-forward site focused on the clear conveyance of important information and that highlights calls-to-action most beneficial for existing clients and those in need of their services.

Secondly, the back-end CMS need to be robust enough to handle a variety of different content types and be easy to use and update on a regular basis so that the organization’s supporters could be kept abreast of organizational news and updates, sponsorship events, press, and more.

From a design standpoint, the site’s aesthetic also needed to legitimize the organization not only as a non-profit that is helping a tremendously underserved population, but also one that is based on science and fact-based evidence. The website’s overall design is clean, well-organized, and focused on the services provided by the organization, as well as the research and data that guides the decisions they make for the benefit of their clients.










Pati Jinich