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March 2016


How can we transform a traditional brand for a new market?

Iconic French biscuit company, La Mère Poulard, needed design and development of a new website to introduce their products to an American audience. The site needed to balance the rich history and heritage of the brand while appealing to a young, millennial audience.

The Problem

This site was a main tool in the launch and introduction of these iconic (and delicious!) biscuits to an American audience. It’s look, feel and experience all needed to be true to the brand’s historic French heritage, while at the same time, bringing it into a modern American context. How can a website help turn a buttery French biscuit into a buttery American cookie?

The CMYK Solution

We were able to achieve this through the design and dynamic interactivity. We used design elements – images, illustrations and flourishes – that visually connect the site to the brand’s heritage. At the same time, we places these elements in a sleek and clean framework, so the user can easily travel through the products and get a full sense of what the brand – and its cookies – are all about.  In addition, we created a flexible and comprehensive CMS (WordPress) to adapt and evolve with additions of products in the future.





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