Lucien Georgelin


Brands Within Reach

  • Web Design & Development

  • Product Photography and Food Styling

  • Interactive Microsite


January 2018


Lucien Georgelin is one the world’s finest producers of all natural fruit preserves and hazelnut chocolate spread. Their products are not only healthier than their competitors, with no additive sugars or palm oil, but they are more delicious. As the begin to market to a US audience, we worked with their distribution team to create a platform that celebrated the ingredients and highlighted their process.


The initial challenge was designing a platform that showcased their two lines of products individually yet equally. We solved this by having the fruit preserve and the hazelnut chocolate spread side by side on the home page in mirrored settings. The site itself can swap between the two landing pages so users can easily switch between the two “sites” through a persistent navigation bar on the site.

Understanding that their products are new to the US market, we proposed and created an interactive social cam- paign, where viewers can choose their favorite product and spread it on a piece toast. Based on how much they use, they’ll received a personalized Lucien profile using their Facebook photo, which can be shared across social media.