DigiContract is an emerging software company focused on the simplification of contractual agreements through the digitization, organization, and storage of legal documents. With their proprietary technology in place, however, they found themselves in need of a way to present it to front-end customers, something that communicated their brand effectively and which was approachable and user-friendly—enter CMYK.

Starting from scratch, CMYK developed a logo and wordmark that conveys a feeling of modern maturity, as well as collateral that emphasizes feelings of trustworthiness and competence, without falling prey to the stuffy and overly corporate tropes that are common for SaaS platforms. From there, we developed a full UI/UX system of icons, interactive elements, and colors palettes for DigiContract to draw upon, in order to define flows of information and actions throughout the client-facing interface of their software.













After cementing the logo, we created a Brand & UI styleguide and then applied the components to make a robust design system for the product.




Pati Jinich


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