Sustainable Restaurant Group


January 2017


Bamboo Sushi is the first in a series of restaurants from Sustainable Restaurant Group, whose mission as a company is to provide high quality, ethically sourced seafood while also minimizing their carbon footprint and impact upon the environment.

As a restaurant that is dedicated not only to serving delicious sushi but also seeks to set a new standard for sustainability, we strove to create an interactive platform that showcases both their food and the story of their ingredients as they move from ocean to table.





Our goal with this project was to create a design that felt polished, elegant, and high-end with a focus on a non-traditional navigation and rich user experience.

When the homepage first loads, users are greeted by a beautiful, continuously looped animation of waves rippling across the ocean with quick, easy navigation to important information on either side of the page—that information being Bamboo Sushi’s menus and where exactly you can get your hands on their food!

Moving downward through the content, we provided for ample space to explore the story of Bamboo Sushi, including their mission, accolades, and partnerships with such esteemed organizations as the Marine Stewardship Council, Green Restaurant Association, and James Beard Foundation.

For this project, we also took a mobile first design approach, given that the majority of users browse the site on mobile devices. This allowed us the opportunity to re-imagine what the mobile experience was going to be like and afford it priority consideration versus traditional methods of digital design, which looks foremost toward desktop usage. The outcome of this approach was that users are able to interact with the site through intuitive swipe gestures while navigating through content on their mobile devices, in addition to using the traditional navigation.
















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