The Artist Room


Washington Square Hotel

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February 2016


What happens when you strip away all of the physical and emotional barriers of a traditional performance? No stage, no giant theater, no screens. Just people and a performance. We wanted to nd out. So we created The Artist Room, a residency program at Washington Square Hotel that connects artists and audiences in unexpected and transformational ways.


In an intimate setting, audiences are given unparalleled access to artists, their work and creative worlds. In turn, artists are able to communicate with their audience in a deeply personal way – the effects of which are profound and meaningful for all involved. We wanted to nd out what happens when you connect people though a highly personal piece of art. Turns out, it’s even better than we expected.

Past artists have included comedian Kurt Braunohler, award-winning spoken word poet Rudy Francisco and caba- ret drag queen performer Martha Graham Cracker.