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Allbridge is a new brand representing the powerful combination of three leading data, video, and voice companies operating in the hospitality, healthcare, and higher education spaces. As part of their nationwide roll-out, CMYK paired up with our friends at Sustena Group to create a impactful animated video to launch the new company and brand identity.

Riffing off of Allbridge’s strong brand identity, we came up with a style that builds upon the geometric shapes that form the basis of their logo while infusing the entire animation with flickering light and movement reminiscent of energy pulsating through a complex network of systems.

As the animation progresses, these geometric shapes move across the screen, interact, and combine in various ways to give life to the voice over before reaching a final crescendo with the reveal of the Allbridge logo and wordmark, before smoothly transitioning into the new motivating ethos for the company to bring the narrative to a close.









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