Warner Music Group

Amplifying voice, by enhancing vision

Project Intro

When Warner Music Group came to us with the opportunity to redesign their corporate website, it sounded like music to our ears. The company had just gone through an extensive rebranding process, and they were looking to translate their visual identity into the wide world of the web. Our challenge was to take the new collateral and design a digital system that that reflected both the brand’s deep history and their focus on the future.


The new site’s homepage is the centerpiece of the design, focusing on Warner’s manifesto. By scrolling, we share the core tenants of the brand, highlighting the artists, labels, and people that make Warner such a special place.

Epic and bold typography reinforces these key messages, while animated design elements and embedded rich media showcases their global reach.

A key component of Warner’s new identity is the 67-degree motif, the precise angle at which the “W” of their logo forms. We created a design system throughout the website to showcase imagery and organize content that leverages this visual cue. The result is an unconventional and surprising interface that feels new, energetic, and forward-thinking.

Another important consideration for the platform was allowing Warner to update and curate media across the site. The music industry changes rapidly with the release of new music and emerging artists, so being able to swap videos quickly was built into our content management strategy.

What we’ve crafted is a compelling and energetic site that celebrates music and the people that make it. The design and storytelling techniques will engage music lovers and prospective employees alike.

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