A high-wire balance between form & functionality

Project Intro

Spiegelworld is a premier entertainment production company known for their raucous, circus-style performances and themed restaurant/bars.

As they expand beyond their home city of Las Vegas, Spiegelworld was in need of a website that could grow with their company and effectively announce their presence in new markets.


Spiegelworld’s old website was a struggle to update, so CMYK’s first order of business was to design an entirely new WordPress infrastructure that gives their internal team the ability to add new content and stay on top of changes and expansions of the brand.

We built an interconnected system that pairs content and artwork with their corresponding locations and venues. These dynamic pages are designed to talk to each other so the Spiegelworld team doesn’t have to manually make these connections with every new page.

Spiegelworld naturally wanted to show off their dazzling performances and psychedelic spaces, so we made each page content-rich with photos and videos, to give visitors a tantalizing taste of the visual (and culinary) feasts they have to offer.

As an e-commerce funnel through which the vast majority of Spiegelworld ticket sales are processed, it was imperative to streamline that process for their 1.5 million annual site visitors. We achieved this by building a better site infrastructure that groups content by shows and location, providing an intuitive process to learn about the company and its offerings around the country.

This also meant accommodating various integrations, including ticketing, restaurant booking platforms, Shopify for merchandise, and Tripleseat for event management and leads.

Ultimately, we delivered an adaptable site that balances form and functionality as deftly as a Spiegelworld tightrope walker.

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