Snacks on a mission to change the world

Project Intro

To help launch their new grain-free Paleo Puff line of snacks, CMYK teamed up with six time CrossFit Games athlete and social-media sensation Lauren Fisher to produce a series of videos that explore the world of CrossFit, nutrition, and LesserEvil’s new paleo diet offering.


Each video was shot on location in beautiful San Diego in a docu-style format that focuses on Lauren’s thoughts on nutrition and exercise, while exploring her life story and motivations toward athletic excellence. Rather than dwelling solely on the product range offered by LesserEvil, we captured content that speaks to the ideals embodied by the company, such as the importance of healthy living.

In the course of a two day shoot, we captured footage of Lauren during her daily workout routines and discussing topics such as focus, commitment, recovery, strength, and competition (as well as snacking on some Paleo Puffs now and then). In all, we produced one 90 second documentary and 15 social media-friendly videos that have each been viewed over 50,000 times!

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