Ideas First

We are not conventional and we make sure you aren’t either. We hate templates, and you should too. No matter if your audience is more traditional or if you are trying to make a wild statement, we always craft unique solutions only for you. It’s a launching off point and, if you’re reading this, we’ve probably already started. Just because it’s our favorite thing to do.

Webby Winners

We won a Webby for MarioBatali.com and have been featured in numerous online and print publications. We’re no stranger to stellar results and making sure people know it. We strive to make everything that comes from the studio pixel perfect.

TLC Givers

When you work with us, you’re actually working with US - not 10 different people responsible for 10 different things. We love the relationships we build with our clients and they become a part of our family. Questions? Call us right now. Literally. Adam: 917.538.5670 or Chris: 937.361.2135

Crafting Experiences

Interactive work isn’t just about delivering information. Branding isn’t just about color and shapes. Everything at CMYK is about experience and storytelling. We focus on making your brand narrative go beyond the screen or page and embed itself into the psyche of your audience.

Tech Geeks

iPhones, tablets, watches, projection mapping... you’re making our heart flutter. We have all the new tech and love staying on the cutting edge. It’s not because it’s our business - we swoon over technology because we love it. Our clients just happen to benefit from our “geekiness”.

Made In Brooklyn

Boy, do we love our town. We are proud to say that all work is done in our studio.
By people we know. Very well.
Nothing is ever outsourced allowing us to happily say that all our work is 100% made in Brooklyn!


At CMYK, everything we design, develop, produce and create starts with a story. By bringing people from all periods of the projects life right from the start, we can holistically craft the right narrative, for the right audience, in the right way. It gives us the freedom and experience to produce in new and unexpected ways. No templates. No cookie-cutters. Every project is a unique solution, created with you, for you.

We Are Local.

CMYK is a Brooklyn-based interactive production studio, specializing in digital platforms, data vis, and maps.  We love our neighborhood (Gowanus) and our neighbors (our team). The farthest we outsource is to the Whole Foods next door, for lunch.

We are Innovative.

Whether its making content or online platforms, we create experiences – producing innovative solutions and cultivating healthy client relationships.

We Aim to Empower.

We believe that our clients should be able to create and change just as much as we can.  Content Management is at the heart of all of our work – creating and adapting is how anything grows.  We create intuitive systems that empower, not overwhelm, both the user and the client. We value creating the most engaging experience possible, while at the same time providing our clients the tools and systems they need to fully control, update, and manage their project—and by extension their brand.

Our Clients are our Family.

When you work with us, you’re actually working with us – not ten different people, in ten different places, responsible for ten other people. We aren’t a vendor, we are an employee that  We love the relationships we build with our clients and they become a part of our family. This creates a more conducive, collaborative process – and a better final product!