April Twenty-Eighth two thousand seventeen

FAST FIVE: Riots, Design Fundamentals & Cooking Dinner in Your Washing Machine

What the Agents of CMYK are watching, reading, listening to, talking about this week (or at least pretending to have done so).

Adam: This Bag Lets You Sous-Vide Food in the Washing Machine
Ha! In Brooklyn, washing machines are rarer than immersion circulators.

Alexes: Heineken Just Put Out the Antidote to That Pepsi Kendall Jenner Ad
It’s a real world “do this, not that” case study.

Chris: Residents Push MTA for Upgrades at Fourth Avenue Station
Looks like we’re getting a makeover! 😱

Devon: You Must First Master the Fundamentals

Pavaris: Breaking Up a Riot with Pepsi
Well, that was inevitable.