March Ninth two thousand eighteen

Fast Five: CMYK Goes “Behind the Label” w/ VBS, Hypocritical Oscar Ad & Misunderstood Monster


CMYK Goes "Behind the Label" with Van Brunt Stillhouse

Wrapping up a project with Van Brunt Stillhouse. We made them a series of videos looking behind the scenes and at their different products. DEF recommend anyone who finds themselves in the Red Hook area stop in and check out the distillery. Also watch our video… and the ones to follow. 🙂


Snowflakes Claim Frankenstein's Monster was 'Misunderstood' – and a VICTIM

Attention all snowflakes: “How ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


HomePod – Welcome Home by Spike Jonze – Apple

Apple now sells telekinesis, included with your purchase of the HomePod.


Shane – Insecure

I could have sworn that this was Adam.