April Fourteenth two thousand seventeen

FAST FIVE: Emojis, UX Design Principles & An HD Video of Manhattan Circa 1993

What the Agents of CMYK are watching, reading, listening to, talking about this week (or at least pretending to have done so).

Adam: Time Travel To The Magical World Of 1993 Manhattan In Gorgeous HD Video
Got to admit, I’m living for all these looks AND the fact that nobody is holding a cell phone.

AlexesCreating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto
This goes deep. Set aside some time before diving in.

Brandon: Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s first trailer is here
This is the link you’re looking for.

Chris: Siri is dying. Long live Susan Bennett.
RIP Siri.

Devon: Emoji Book
Here’s something to add to your collection of emoji paraphernalia.