March Sixteenth two thousand eighteen

Fast Five: CMYK Children of the Revolution, Wasp Infused Figs & Satan’s Chairlift


CMYK: Children of the Revolution

Most who know me know about this project and always ask how it’s going. There’s still a ways to go, but I’m excited to have a little teaser to share. Enjoy!


FYI, A Wasp Might've Died Inside That Fig You're About To Eat

I remembered about these right as I was biting into a juicy fig wasp sarcophagus planted in our office refrigerator by CAITLIN ROBIN AND ASSOCIATES #thanks


Let's talk about Luigi's Bulge

I swear I was only looking at his racket.


Chairlift Becomes Possessed By Satan, Wigs The Fuck Out

What’s more terrifying than falling off a chairlift? Staying on.