February Seventeenth two thousand seventeen

FAST FIVE: Architecture, Gordan Ramsay & the Return of Clippy

What the Agents of CMYK are watching, reading, listening to, talking about this week (or at least pretending to have done so).

Adam: Pet Portraits for Rich People You Have to See to Believe

Alexes: Smash Mouth’s All Star Made With Windows XP Sounds Might Break Your Brain
Welcome back, Clippy.

Chris: 1.5M Unpatched WordPress Sites Hacked Following Vulnerability Disclosure
I take three days off and this….

Devon: Zaha Hadid Architects Releases Images of Tower with the World’s Tallest Atrium
The new tallest atrium in the world unites two twisting sections of a building in Beijing’s Lize Financial Business District, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Hadid died in March of last year at age 65, and this is one of the last buildings she designed—along with principal architect Patrik Schumacher.

Pavaris: Gordon Ramsay Challenges Amateur Cook to Keep Up with Him
Hey, at least the crab wasn’t raw.